A break of sunshine in the Pittsburgh sky

Well, I must say that Pittsburgh weather is terribly unpredictable! This time, at least, it was pleasantly so! After a full week of rain, snow showers and up-and-down, left-and-right weather, we got a wonderful sunny Saturday! Perfect timing for Tommy & Samantha engagement photos, who are from Houston, Texas.

I wish I could say that Samantha & Tommy came all the way to Pittsburgh just to have their photos done by One Way Street Production… but it wasn’t quite like that. Tommy is studying at the University of Pittsburgh, and they wanted to do some photos with the city as a backdrop while Samantha was in town visiting.

These two were so lovey and cute! Usually we have to really push for couples to conduct some PDA, but these two were all about it! In fact, I even had to separate them once or twice…We hope that love carries you two through your whole marriage.


Oh and Samantha had just the most joyous little smile! Even the tiniest little glint of it made me feel happy as I went through editing their photos…


Thanks guys for choosing us for your engagement photos! We really feel honored that you did! Hopefully the weather back in Texas will be a little bit more predictable than Pittsburgh for you two!


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