Baby boy blue, daddy and momma too

michelsauret| 07 Jan 2012| 0 comments | Maternity

So this is baby bump number 3 in our family! Our boy Phoenix just had a brand new little cousin just before the new year, and now he can expect another one any time now! I must say that I have beautiful sisters, which make photographing them and their baby bumps super easy.

Marie and Mike are still deciding on a name for their boy, so until they do we will call this boy Baby Blue!

I’m glad they haven’t taken down the Christmas tree in Downtown Pittsburgh yet. It made for a great backdrop!

What’s better than one bump? Two!

So we ran into these guys riding their bikes around on an empty fountain. I figured we would include them in the fun!

You guys did great! Can’t wait to meet our newest nephew! And for you guys to finally decide on a name!


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