Out on the Farm with the Corbin’s!

michelsauret| 10 Aug 2012| 0 comments | Children, Family Photos

We absolutely adore this family. This is our third photo shoot with them an our second on their family’s farm. It was a race to beat the massive storm coming up over the hillside (which you can actually see in some of the photos) but we were able to get some great shots of fun in the barn, on the horse and playing on the playground. We really hope to keep doing photos for this family! Enjoy!

When we last saw Colton he was a newborn…craziness!!!


Little boys love to steal their dads phones =)

Colton really wanted to get his turn on the horse!

Now theres a smile

King of the Castle!

Look at that storm rolling in! We just made it!

Time for some snacks for some great kids!!

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