Our first Chicago family photo shoot!


Just a few months into our move to Chicago, and already we were blessed with a family asking us to do their photos! That’s incredible, and we were really excited to photograph these two curly-headed handsome boys!

Originally we were looking to do a snow-fun photo shoot, but most of the good snow washed away from the rain just the day before our shoot. But the images worked out wonderfully all the same.


Chicago-Family-Photography-001 OWSP-Chicago-Family-045 OWSP-Chicago-Family-048 OWSP-Chicago-Family-061 OWSP-Chicago-Family-086 OWSP-Chicago-Family-094 OWSP-Chicago-Family-101

Chicago-Children-Photography-001 OWSP-Chicago-Family-136

Chicago-Children-Photography-002 OWSP-Chicago-Family-144 OWSP-Chicago-Family-149 OWSP-Chicago-Family-156 OWSP-Chicago-Family-159 OWSP-Chicago-Family-179 OWSP-Chicago-Family-194 OWSP-Chicago-Family-200 OWSP-Chicago-Family-205 OWSP-Chicago-Family-215 OWSP-Chicago-Family-219 OWSP-Chicago-Family-221 OWSP-Chicago-Family-226 OWSP-Chicago-Family-232 OWSP-Chicago-Family-235 OWSP-Chicago-Family-246 OWSP-Chicago-Family-253 OWSP-Chicago-Family-256

You guys were such a joy!

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