Newborns are an adjustment! Taking our baby to the chiropractor was quasi-miraculous.

One Way Street Production - Newborn Baby Photography

Most people are either baffled or horrified when they hear we take our newborn baby to the chiropractor to get adjusted. I can almost sense your body growing squeamish by the thought: Having a grown man crack the spine and neck of a small baby boy who can barely pick up his head on his own.

In fact, when I watched our chiropractor adjust little Asher for the first time, I had to brace myself and hold back momentary, nightmarish thoughts of Asher becoming permanently paralyzed. But once the adjustment was over, Asher just cried a little and went back to kicking his chubby little legs.

One Way Street Production - Newborn Baby Photography

Heather had been going to Main Street Chiropractic in Plainfield, Illinois, through her final trimester of pregnancy. It helped alleviate her back pain, hip alignment and prepared her pelvis for an all-natural delivery. Additionally, it relieved her migraines. We already knew that chiropractic care helps promote overall health in adults by removing tension and pressure on the central nervous system, but cracking a baby back?

That’s just too scary for most parents to think about.

One Way Street Production - Newborn Baby Photography

One Way Street Production - Newborn Baby Photography


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The truth is that most spinal adjustments in babies are nothing more than targeted, pressure-point massages.

One Way Street Production - Newborn Baby Photography

The scary part comes when this big muscular man has his hands on your baby’s neck and twists. But you have to remember that Chiropractors are doctors. If you can trust a doctor to prescribe medicine for or inject a vaccine into your new baby, you can trust a doctor to handle your baby’s spine withe the most tender care.

Asher - Baby Chiropractic Adjustment - Dr Scott Stuck

So why would we do such a crazy thing? Why would we even WANT our baby adjusted?

Because chiropractic care is quasi miraculous.

Asher was a sweet boy from the start, but soon he started showing symptoms of colic. Nothing extremely severe like most parents experience. Fortunately, we had some breaks of silence and quiet from time to time, but when Asher screamed and fussed, there really was nothing we could do to help him feel better.

Originally, like most parents, we thought colic was related to digestion problem. Everything we read online and everything our pediatrician recommended pointed back to digestion.

Many of the symptoms were consistent with that line of thought. Asher had projectile vomiting after feeding and often very tense abdomen.

We tried gripe water, bicycle kicks, extra burps, you name it. They gave him some relief, but then we continued to have sleepless night after sleepless night. It was frustrating both because of the lack of sleep but also because we were utterly helpless and lost. Whatever we did provided only short-term relief.

We took Asher to Dr. Scott Stuck just out of a general belief in the health benefits of an aligned spine. To our relief, after the very first adjustment, Asher started to sleep better. It was incredible.

What did a spinal adjustment have to do with digestion? Well, quite a bit, but we later found that might not have been the main issue.

We had Asher adjusted every 1-2 weeks, and saw tremendous improvements in his mood and sleep each and every time. We didn’t question the results. It wasn’t just that we saw the results with our own eyes, we heard it with our own ears.

No more uncontrollable screaming.

Then we came across an article that changed our perception of colic completely. According to the article and a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, colic babies might actually suffer from migraines, not stomach issues. Each time Dr. Stuck adjusted Asher, he was relieving his headaches.

It made so much sense, and we were so thankful for his care of our baby.

Our whole family now receives Chiropractic care. Unfortunately insurance doesn’t cover the costs, but we decided that we would think of it as an investment into our health. And definitely an investment into better sleep.

One Way Street Production - Newborn Baby Photography


And look at that, Asher’s spine and neck couldn’t be stronger!

One Way Street Production - Newborn Baby Photography

One Way Street Production - Newborn Baby Photography

One Way Street Production - Newborn Baby Photography

One Way Street Production - Newborn Baby Photography

One Way Street Production - Newborn Baby Photography


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