What to expect?

You’ve scheduled a photo shoot with us … Now what?

First off, we want to thank you for choosing us as your photographer! We are grateful for every opportunity we get in capturing memories for you and your loved ones, and we look forward to delivering you with beautiful images!

Here are a few notes we’d like for you to consider while preparing for your photos. Not all these suggestions will apply depending on what type of photo shoot we are doing together (family, children, engagement, senior portraits…)

But we guarantee that if you take a few minutes to read this document, our photo shoot will be a great success!



– Model Release: By now you should have already received, signed and returned this to us.
– Retainer Payment: Submitted with the model release.
– Balance Payment: This is paid at the end of our photo session. You can make checks payable to “One Way Street Production”
– We cannot process the images or email you the disk of photos until we’ve received payment and model release.
– Also, please send us a cell phone number where we can reach you on the day of our photo shoot.



The first thing to keep in mind is to wear fun, colorful and comfortable clothes appropriate to the weather. Colorful clothing can help give an extra pop to the photos and really make them come to life.

Avoid wearing black, since black doesn’t reflect any light and tends to disappear in the images. If you do wear black (which can work with some outfits), add a splash of color to it or jewelry for contrast, and please bring a lint roller as lint and hair will show very easily on black clothing.

If we are doing photos outdoors, please wear comfortable shoes. Often on a photo shoot we will pick a location but walk around to discover hidden gems around the area. Avoid wearing high heels unless you’re absolutely certain you would like the shoes included somehow in the images. If you must wear high heels, try wearing a pair that are easy to slip in and out of so as to avoid cutting into the time we have together to take photos.



Our photography style is very different from studio photography. We try to achieve more natural and less posed images. Don’t stress too much on how you might look in an image. Just interact with each other and let us take the images. In fact, if we are doing family photos, don’t worry about directing your children. We will adjust to all of you and give direction as needed, which we have learned that (with families) less is way more.

We really strive to be creative and think critically about the photos we take. We don’t simply want to click a button, but frame your memories in ways you can truly cherish them. We ask that you trust us, especially if we ask you to do some things that might seem quirky or unusual. But if there is anything we suggest that would make you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, please let us know. We want this to be an enjoyable experience together.

If you’ve had a stressful morning right before our photo shoot, or if you’ve just had an argument with your loved ones right before we arrive (hey, it happens to us too!), take ten minutes to pray and retrieve calmness before photos start. If things are really tense, then it’s best we reschedule, as that tension will be visible in the photos.



For family photos with children, we will do almost no posing. If anything, we’ll give minor directions of where to sit and where to look. Then we’ll simply tell you to interact with each other or cuddle up together.

With senior portraits and engagement shoots, we will pose you quite a bit with different ideas mind. Our goal is to accomplish a large variety of looks so that you will have more shots to choose from.



Children are rambunctious and full of energy and that’s how we like them! It would be silly to ask a high-energy kid to sit still for a bunch of photos. Instead, we prefer letting them run around, be playful and get used to the camera. If we are trying to get photos of the whole family together, usually these are better accomplished toward the end of our photo shoot or as things naturally develop. We’ve also developed a few tricks to get the whole family together when the child (or children) are really high-energy.

We usually notice an ebb-and-flow with children, whether they are shy or very social. There will be moments when your kid will just want to do his own thing, and then moments will take place where we can bring everybody together. You don’t have to worry about any of that. We will. We’ll give you some guidance and direction to capture photos you’ll love. Simply enjoy your time with your family as we do all the work!



We, as the photographers, will not have any props of our own because we want to avoid creating “canned” images of your children. However, we certainly encourage you to bring toys, books or props that you’d like included in the photos. A prop could be a wheel barrel, a basket, a rocking chair, a wagon or just about anything that will get your child interacting with it. You know your children better than we do. You know which toys or props will keep them the most entertained. Snacks are always a good idea to bring along, as well.

Keep in mind that our main style is photo-journalistic. Our best shots have always been to capture families playing together and having fun on their own, rather than forcing the standard “mall studio” photo of everyone sitting down staring into the camera with a cheesy smile. We will certainly try to get some of the more posed shots if you’d like, but we try to take a natural approach to our work. Most children are not going to be immediately comfortable posing or smiling for a stranger with a camera. We like to let children get comfortable first and feed their curiosities a little before we can “stage” photos of them. The best thing is to let kids play around a little, and then, when they’re in a “trance” doing their own adorable thing (playing with a plant or sitting on some steps), we like to wave the parents over to the child and pose them all together.

Think about it the way you normally are with your children having fun together, and you wish somebody with a fancy camera could capture them the way only you can see them. That’s what we do!

Most of the time, the best shot we take is one you didn’t even notice we took.



Photographing newborns can produce some really sweet, intimate and heart-melting images.  However, working with babies needs a lot more patience, especially with newborns. For that reason, clients should expect fewer photos overall from a baby session. A baby session might require just as much (if not more) coddling, soothing, burping, feeding and breaks than actual time spent taking photos. The best setting for these photos is in the home, usually on the master bedroom or a large couch where soft, baby blankets can be arranged to support the baby and form a backdrop. Please have 4-5 different blankets and several pillows of different sizes available at the start of the photo shoot. We arrange the setting so the baby is comfortable and bring our own portable studio lights to produce high-quality images. But not every photo we produce will have a “studio” look. We want to also capture several intimate moments of the baby being held by mommy or daddy without the intrusion of gear and forced posing. We think that natural is best, and we’ll provide you with a mix both natural and posed images for your baby’s photos.



Small props can certainly make a big difference here! Props can take a traditional maternity photo shoot and make it personal and touching. Think of baby blocks that spell out your baby’s name, or a small outfit of the baby, shoes, a sonogram, a verse from the Bible written on a card … This is your family and our goal will be to celebrate the life currently growing in your womb about to join you in this world.

Always think: Why is it important for our family to take maternity photos? What do we want to celebrate with these images? What do we want other people know about us as a couple with these photos?

One big thing to keep in mind is that we will absolutely NOT take any naked photos of ANY kind of the mother or father in these images. Maternity is a beautiful and private stage in a couple’s life, and we are happy to share with you in this special moment, but we are strictly a G-rated photography company.

Please take a look at our maternity portfolio on our website to get a sense of what our past Maternity Photo shoots look like. We take wonderful, fun and enjoyable pictures without having to show skin.



We approach head shots and senior photos with a similar mindset as the rest of our work. These are obviously going to be more posed in style, but we try to achieve a natural and loose look. Our goal is to get a as many different looks as we can form you, whether fun, serious, passionate, intense, calm and so on. You can bring a change of clothing if you’d like (we don’t charge anything extra for this), but keep in mind that this may cut into our time to take photos. It’s usually best to keep it to 2-3 outfits.

Again, remember that we are strictly a G-rated photography team. We will not take seductive, risqué or sexual images of any kind. Please dress professionally for these images. We will not take any photos of any kind intended for adult audiences or industries.
If we feel that your outfit does not work within our professional guidelines we may ask you to change or reschedule the shoot for another time.



As a couple, wear clothes you might wear on a date but are comfy to move around and pose in. If you are going for a themed photo shoot (For example a 1950’s photo style), incorporate jewelry or props that fit that theme. Also, we will be taking many up-close photos of your engagement ring, so if you’d like to get a nice manicure, we encourage it!

We will be taking a lot of tender moments as well as try to get the goofy side of you out. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. In fact, during the photo session we will have moments when we’ll tell you to “ignore the camera and do your thing.” Whether that’s tickling one another, kissing, making faces, playing with each other’s hair … that’s totally up to you. We hope you will feel comfortable enough around us that we can catch your natural personalities!



Our photo shoot will last roughly one hour and we will capture hundreds of images at that time. Sometimes, at our discretion, the photo shoot may last longer but only if time permits due to our busy schedule. You can expect anywhere between 50-150 edited photos on the disk once we’ve completed our edits. We typically mail the DVD of photos within 2 weeks of the photo shoot date.

We have also noticed that people need a little time to get adjusted and comfortable before the camera. Usually the first 15 minutes of photography will feel awkward and stiff. This is natural, especially if this is our first time doing photos together. After that, you will naturally loosen up and feel at ease in front of the lens.

Also, please be mindful of our time together. We take pride in our profession as photographers and we will always strive to arrive a few minutes early. If there’s a delay, we’ll do our best to get in touch with you and let you know. At the same time, we ask that you be timely as well. We often book three — sometimes more — photo shoots in a single day, and we want to devote our time fairly to all of our clients. If you arrive late to our photo shoot, that will cut into our time together. If you are 20+ minutes late to our meeting, we may have to cancel and reschedule for another time. Either way, please call us if you happen to be running late.

Michel’s cell: 412-360-5440


We are professional photographers and we certainly take great care in the work we produce. We spend several hours editing your photos after a photo shoot is over. Sometimes we can spend up to three hours on images that took us an hour or less to photograph. This part of our job is called post-production. We usually produce several edits of the same image, from color to black and white and to some of our more artistic edits.

We do not however change the appearance of people’s faces or figures. We will not add muscle tone or thin out areas or remove blemishes. These types of edits take several additional hours of work by themselves, and are usually reserved for professional head shots, business/corporate, promotional or commercial shoots only.

We will, however, make sure we pay special attention to every photo we take so that the color, contrast and saturation all work together to produce the best quality image possible for you and your loved ones.

Thank you and God bless!

Michel & Heather Sauret